Friday, 10 August 2018

going to a volcano.

Get up get up  we are going to a volcano so we can see what it does. We are going on a boat to the volcano. So what are we waiting for let's go so we  don't be late for the ride to the volcano. Boom! Boom! As the load volcano went lots of thing came out of the top of the volcano they were flying in the air. And we were happy because we were in time for volcano to do that. It was so cool that i said let's go inside to see what is making it do that. Thing that we all look at before. So we went into the volcano and people were inside as well so we all went to go see what makes it do that thing. When we got to a place we look down and people were throwing thing in the volcano and that is why thing come out of the top of the volcano. And lave was coming up lets get out. we got in time and we went back to the boat and went back home. When we got home we tune on the TV we were on TV. And the people said that we are helpfully. We were helpful because we stop the people from making the lava come up  to the grass. We save everyone from the smoke and lava.

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  1. Hello Keiha,
    A great story about a volcano. How hot do you think a volcano is?
    Mrs Krausse


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